OCTOBER 4-13, 2019 – OTA Gathering Hall, festival seating

OCTOBER 4-13, 2019 – OTA Gathering Hall, festival seating

A Radio Play, by Howard E. Koch
Directed by Oliva Shea
A look back through 40 years of history.
By Heidi Hansen
Directed by Marissa Meek

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Get tickets NOW for all OTA upcoming shows or events!

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Recently at OTA

Recently at OTA

Time Stands Still babyTime Stands Still 

Written by Donald Margulies

Directed by Josh Sutcliffe

February 2018



Starting Here, Starting Now

Starting Here Starting Now

By Richard Maltby, Jr. and David Shire

Directed by Greg Scherer

March 2018



 morrie help (2) - CopyTuesdays with Morrie

By Mitch Albom and Morrie Schwartz

Directed by Britni Alleman-DeLorenzi

February 2018








cheese webPICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILEJuly, 2015 By Steve Martin

Directed by Anna Andersen

Starring Miles Carignan, Kaylee Ditlefsen, Angela Pointer-LeMaster, Mike Roggenbuck, Ron Graham, Jim Guthrie, Sean Peck-Collier (Pat Owens, not pictured)

  zombie cast webALICE IN ZOMBIELAND, August 2015 by Craig Sodaro

Directed by Danny Willis and Bonne Smith and Starring a cast of  enthusiastic children!






STSteel Butler crab clawsEEL MAGNOLIAS, April 2015  by Robert Harling

Directed by Larry Harwood

Starring Jennifer Horton, Lauren Denton, Olivia Shea, Lily Carignan,  Angela Poynter-Lemaster and Darlene Clemens (not pictured) 


i LOVE YOU, YOU’RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGEFebruary 2015 By Joe DiPietro

Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Roberts

Directed by Pat Owens

Starring James Willis, Leona Voss, Joel Yelland and Sheenieka Dolan


 3-WomenHARVEYNovember, 2014  By Mary Chase

Directed by Olivia Shea

Pictured are Debbie Embree, Elaine Caldwell and Angela Pointer-LeMaster