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About Olympic Theatre Arts

Founded in 1980, Olympic Theatre Arts has been a 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer community theatre organization since 1987.  As an entity, OTA provides opportunities for our community to experience the collaborative craft called “live theatre.”logo on building

Olympic Theatre Arts Center refers to our beautiful facility, which was envisioned to fulfill OTA’s need for a performing arts center—not only for live theatre but for all of the performing arts and to also fulfill a community need for a centrally-located place for people to gather.

The Spirit of Community Theatre

I think it is important to look upon occasion at the foundations of our work here at Olympic Theatre Arts. We should constantly remind ourselves what it is about this art form that makes it important to preserve. We need to insure that it continues to be meaningful for those who participate in the productions as well as those who are touched by them.

Live theatre is always an adventure. We never know what to expect at any given performance or, in our case as an all-volunteer community theatre, on any given day! This is part of what makes it intriguing to participants and patrons alike. This art form has existed for over 2,500 years and has remained basically unchanged. It is a tool used by a group of people to communicate a story or a vision, to preserve history, to create empathy for the human race, to express the essence of a culture, and to enrich the fabric of the community.

Along with such important goals and lasting heritage comes a responsibility to honor this artistic form of communication by fostering strong collaboration among our many disparate participants. This spirit of collaboration is what has given the craft its strength and longevity. If we work to assure that individuals do not preclude the group effort, we then offer everyone a chance to grow and learn through the experience.

We at Olympic Theatre Arts wish to renew this pledge of responsibility to our volunteers and to our community.

Thank you for supporting our vision.

Carol Willis, Executive Director

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