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All Aboard!

Ever felt like you were building a railroad track just in front of on an oncoming train? Well WE DO! Building this new Radio/Video show season has been just like that and the train should be on the tracks and coming your way as early as this week. Look for a separate email invitation to click on the first show of the season: “Fibber McGee & Molly”, episode: “Wistful Vista Raffle” with Pat Owens as Fibber, Sarah Zamora as Molly, and Ashley Kramer and Pete Griffin as supporting actors playing many different character roles throughout the six show series. Additional characters, as well as many memorable sound effects moments are created by foley artist Curtis White, and live music interludes are performed by Sandi Lockwood of Just in Tyme.

And – after this first ‘train’ has barreled on
through – we have another one right behind it! Our next series will be one called “Quiet, Please”. Like “Fibber McGee…”, this show was also originally produced in the 1940’s and is similar to the anthology “The Twilight Zone”. Each episode offers a view into unique and surrealistic experiences that, while very thought provoking, are also family friendly and very entertaining. This four show series is in rehearsals right now! So, look out, the trains are a’barrelin’!