Old Time Video Radio Shows

OTA’s Old Time Radio season continues with episodes from  “Quiet, Please”, a radio program from the 1940s. Similar to  anthology series like “The Twilight Zone” the episodes are each  stand-alone radio plays with different stories, characters, themes, etc.

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A six show series starring Pat Owens as Fibber, Sarah Zamora as Molly, Ashley Kramer and Pete Griffin as supporting actors playing many different character roles throughout. Additional characters, as well as many memorable sound effects moments created by foley artist Curtis White, and live music interludes are performed by Sandi Lockwood of Just in Tyme.

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The format is designed to be as close to watching live theatre as possible. Six camera angles capture the action on various parts of the stage, all visible at the same time to the online viewer. The ‘live action’ is emphasized when the ‘window’ is in color, but other ‘windows’ or views are simultaneously shown in black and white. It’s a very effective presentation and great family friendly entertainment.